We offer our clients the following services which helps them to deliver on their promises:

  • Train Information and Scheduling: overview of train categories: domestic, international, classic and high-speed trains. 
  • Seat and Tariff Availability: overview of the availability for all types of accommodations and fare categories: first class, second class, berths or sleepers, seat number, fare category
  • Yield Management: supports the optimisation of train revenue while, at the same time, acquiring a better knowledge of the customer demand. Reservation availability is allocated to various passenger types based on the revenue they generate.
  • Pricing: data, algorithms and business rules to calculate prices and create offers for distributors.
  • Travel Dossier: stores passenger travel information in Passenger Name Record (basic reservation record) and Assembly (itinerary segments)
  • After-sales: handles the after sales transactions on the inventory, the cancellation or exchange of bookings and the releases and changes to the inventory.
  • Settlement: covers the collection and processing of various interoperable transactions of public transport operators in order to calculate the number of used, sold and reloaded transactions.
  • Passenger profile: covers the management of passenger profiles that store information on frequent travellers. Frequent travellers can get bonus points that can be used to obtain discounts on other voyages.
  • MIS /Reporting: provides information and reports about the distribution, use and optimisation of the inventory.